Dr Joanna Martin has the prescription to instantly inject a
massive boost to the profits of your business.
Finally Revealed...

The Simple and Easy Way to Become
The Sought After Expert in Your Field...
and Make More Money in Two Hours,
than Most People Make In a Year!

These are the simple... yet Massively Effective Secrets and Strategies
that are used by the Very Best Speakers in the World!

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But make NO MISTAKE... these strategies can also be
applied to Any Normal Business... and generate YOU a
HUGE boost in profit GUARANTEED!

So if you are sick and tired of working hard, and want the freedom to live the lifestyle you always dreamed of... then this is one opportunity you cannot miss

Using Dr Joanna Martin’s formula to wild success we will reveal the unique strategies she uses, as she tours the world... delivering presentations, and routinely making 6 – 7 figures a seminar.

You will discover how to...

  • Use seminars... or small group presentations to massively increase your sales and client retention regardless of the type of business you are in.
  • Simply and easily create your presentation and fine tune it sell your product or service like crazy!
  • Overcome any fears of speaking, and have the confidence to sell your product or service for what it is worth... and NOT feel guilty.
  • How to avoid the two things that you should never do... that could slash your sales by 50%

"Joanna is The Real Deal"

Dr Joseph MichelliDr. Michelli's book, The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary, published by McGraw-Hill, regularly achieved bestseller status on the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek Magazine, and USA Today lists. He has been featured on television programs such as The Glenn Beck Show and CNBC’s “On the Money” and has conducted hundreds of radio and print interviews. Why would he want to work with Joanna?

Press Play

Books by Joseph Michelli

Joseph A. Michelli
Speaker and Author, USA

Walk in clueless- and walk out with a planned
presentation, practiced and ready to go

Dr Joanna Martin
Dr Joanna Martin Guarantees
you can get massive results
in your business from speaking

Dear Friend
It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you could be an Architect, Landscape Gardener, or even work in the Wellness Industry, you can discover how to turn words into money... and how, by making just a single presentation... you can be seen as a sought after expert in your field.

My name is Joanna Martin... and yes, I am a qualified doctor... but not a practicing one. Instead myself and my lead trainers travel the world speaking... and helping people to make massive profits in their business simply by applying simple strategies.

So people call me the “Seminar Doctor”... and using the strategies I have used to create wild success in my life, we are about to give you the opportunity to discover how you can get a massive boost in your business income, simply through speaking to a group of people who you have identified as potential customers or clients..

If you are already a professional speaker you will also discover how to create an “Elegant Business Model” that can help you generate huge amounts of passive income month after month with almost no extra effort, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

First, I have some especially good news for you...

You can now discover all the Behind the Scenes sales secrets used by the best speakers in the world today... the Secrets that they personally use to generate Millions of

These are the secrets that give the worlds best presenters a massive edge... they can make more money in a year than most people make in a lifetime!

And at the moment... only a few people know these secrets... and those that do, arent sharing them with ANYONE!

After all... you wouldnt see Coca Cola publishing their secret recipe on the internet... would you?

Please be aware that the few people in the world who know these secrets and selling strategies do not share them with anyone.

...they rely on these secret strategies to generate a massive response for their business and are understandably very protective of the strategies that they use

Now don’t for a moment think that that this is not relevant to the business you are in... or the business you want to go into. Our clients work across dozens of industries... here are just a few of the industries in which a select few, have made a fortune in speaking from the stage. painter

  • Software
  • Home Study
  • Personal Training
  • Health Professionals
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Personal Development
  • Marketing
  • Hardware
  • Memberships
  • Accountants

In fact you will discover how speaking can be used by virtually anyone... in any industry, to generate a Massive Increase In Sales.

When you think about it, you will be amazed at the variety of businesses that could use speaking to generate massive results.

Look... it can even be used to sell something as obscure as timber and hardware!

You see, in Australia there is a big chain of hardware stores that conduct free seminars each weekend showing people how to build things... do maintenance, and fix their gardens etc; and they get a very good attendance at these workshops

Now where do you think all these newly educated people are going to buy all the hardware they need to do the renovations they are all excited about..?

Thats right... at the same hardware store..! So you really can use these skills in any industry.

But enough from me for a moment- here’s how the speaker training course I created has helped some of our clients achieve their speaking goals:

“I Increased My Conversions
to 30 - 40%!”


David Penglase - Professional Speaker and Sales Coach,
Director,, Australia


“I doubled my conversions”


Steve Baker - Speaker and Business Coach,
Queensland, Australia

Booked my first 2 workshops within
48 hours of completing your workshop


Annette Welsford - Internet Marketer
Brisbane, Australia

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“ speaking on the stage of one of the
biggest seminar companies in Australia...”


Aaron Parsons - Speaker and Coach on Entrepreneurialism,
Queensland, Australia

"Joey is One of The
Best I've Worked with"


Chris Lorenz - AV Producer
Melbourne, Australia


But dont worry if you are fearful of speaking at the moment...

Because we will take you by the hand and guide you through a simple and easy progression that will have you speaking like an expert in no time.

So if you have ever wanted to be seen as an expert in your field, and have the desire to stand head and shoulders above your competition then this may be the most important message you have read.Draw yOur customers to you like a magnet

In fact, your competition probably wont know what hit them... all of a sudden YOU will be seen as an expert in your field, and will be drawing customers like a Gigantic Magnet.

And the best thing is you can get access to all of this in one life-changing, business boosting Home Study Program.

So if you are sick and tired of being told what to do, and have dreamed of firing your boss, or boosting your speaking income... if you dream of not sitting in gridlock traffic twice a day, or having to deal with the unrealistic demands being placed on you, then you need settle in for a minute and Pay Attention!

You know... one of the very first lessons I learned was to Pay Attention.

Studying to be a Doctor required me to Pay Attention. My exam results... and more importantly peoples lives... depended on it.

Later... as I was learning the art of speaking and selling from stage, I found that by ‘Paying Attention’ I was able to pick up on the extra little things that speakers were doing. These were the little things that made a big difference to their results, and they are the same techniques and secrets that earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single day!

Matt Clarkson did even better than that when he paid attention to what we taught him. See what he has to say about it...

"After employing what Joanna taught us,
we did over $2 million in sales"


Matt Clarkson - Bidding Buzz
Gold Coast, Australia

And these are the secrets we are going to share with you.

Now we will be revealing these SECRETS to a
Select Few Clients in our highly acclaimed home study program...

You see... You’re invited to join us and some very smart business owners and speakers who have implemented the lessons of the Presentation Profits System. This program is jam packed with profitable strategies that you can apply in a matter of weeks to generate a massive boost to your speaking income.

Now before I keep going, there’s something you need to understand...

You will Discover How to Sell Without the Hype!
You dont have to Manipulate People... and you will find
that your customers wont feel manipulated.

Instead they will love you... and you will be the person who they see
as the expert.

You will NOT feel like a used car salesman trying to flog them something with hype, and sleazy manipulation... I cannot stand this and it is definitely NOT what Shift Speaker Training programs are about.

Instead you will discover how to make an authentic connection with your potential customers, and when you make this connection, they will see you as the only rational choice when it comes to doing business.

When you come on board with us you will get to benefit from my years of experience and testing of what works and what doesn’t.

We dont hold anything back from you... if there is a secret
that we know...
then we will Reveal It!

You see, we are professional speakers skilled in the art of selling from the stage. But the thing is, our audiences rarely feel “sold”. I have been doing this for 5 years now and have designed, directed and spoken at seminars where sales were between $800,000 - $2.5 million. How did I get to this level of success? By modelling the best… and that’s what we want to share with you.

Look... there are even some occasions when we can help out the best and most experienced marketers in the country with a quick tip.

Below you will see a quick message from Pete Godfrey. Pete is known as one of the smartest marketers and best copywriters in the country, and is the brains behind many million dollar promotions.

"Dr Joanna Martin Cures
Expert Copywriters Massive Headache


Pete Godfrey - "The Wizard or Words"
Copywriter, Australia


OK... so if I can help one of the best in the land... do you think we can help you?

You see, our Shift Speaker Training Programs actually give you the Prescription
for building your own presentation...
and doing it in a way that will get people
thrusting their credit cards at you...
desperate to buy!

Now, unlike many presenters and “sales experts” who spend much of their time running a business, coaching or delivering their products; we have lived and breathed platform selling for a living.

It was while I was running my own successful corporate training company, that I was invited by the Christopher Howard Training organisation to revamp their trainings and help improve their sales. At the time, the company was one of Australias leading personal development seminar companies.

So how can my hard work make you millions?

For 2 and a half years, almost non-stop, I was onstage 516 days teaching and selling for a living. And I gotta tell you, I loved it. My commissions and very survival depended on my ability to take a room full of cautious people and inspire them to the point of action- be it purchasing the next training or the next product. I lived on a plane or onstage, travelled to three different continents, and have sold to the Poms, the Yanks and the Aussies. (And you need a different attitude for all of them you know!) When I was offstage I was re-writing trainings, and re-designing sales processes improving on what was already great.

During that time I had the great privilege to work closely with key members from powerful sales organisations such as T. Harv Ekers Peak Potentials and Tony Robbins organisation. I have to admit, I am now so grateful to be able to count a number of key players, past and present, from these organisations among my close personal friends.


"Joanna is a valuable asset as a trainer
and marketing strategist

I think it is Joanna's ability to connect with an audience in a real and genuine way that makes her such a valuable asset as both a trainer and a marketing strategist. She has the unusual ability to meet people where they are at, and take them on a journey to their highest self...just being with her makes you feel better about life.

I have worked with many presenters in my life, but only a small handful of real communicators. I am honored to have worked closely with Joanna and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to develop marketing strategies that truly connect with people's lives; or presentation content and psychology that opens hearts, minds and souls to the deeper potentials of life.

Joanna is a true gem.

William Martin - CEO

Creative Director for Tony Robbins for over 24 years; other clients include Anita Roddick, His Holiness the Dalia Lama, Al Gore, T Harv Eker and Christopher Howard.

From these incredible people I learnt the behinds the scenes stuff, the tips and tricks that took them decades to learn

Please understand, these people are some of the best in the business... when working at this level you get access to the most cutting edge information available.

And this is just what we are giving to you...

In fact, I know we am going to upset many people by revealing these
Many of my most successful colleagues will be very unhappy knowing that the same secrets that have earned them millions, are going to be revealed.

Just have a look at the massive discoveries you will make that will turbo-charge your sales...there is so much information here we had to break it into sections... and as you will see, we dont leave anything out...

Firstly we show you that your preparation is CRITICAL to the success of your presentation.
  • Discover the keys to crafting your presentation so that the audience dont feel sold to.
  • Why its important that you are passionate about your subject, and how to tap into this passion so you can package it for a profit.... making huge profits along the way!
  • How to plan a presentation to make the most of your time... spending too much time in the wrong area could ruin the results of your presentation and lose you money.
  • How to manage the pace of your presentation... this is a critical skill if you are speaking at the invitation of a promoter... if you get this wrong when it really matters, it will be a massive setback for you, and you may not be invited on another persons platform again.
  • Discover all the skills you will need to put on your own event... discover the secrets to the logistics and all the other little things that make a big difference.
  • How to use PowerPoint properly, what to do and what not to do... I even give you all the little tricks that the pros use, as well as a template for the design and planning of your whole presentation.
  • Three things to do if you go blank and forget everything... this one strategy will also save your presentation if your PowerPoint presentation fails to work. (and believe me.. at some point this will happen)
  • How long your multi day workshops need to be... make a mistake here and you could be leaving a large chunk of your profit behind.
To make the money you need to make a connection with the audience and Keep Their ATTENTION!
  • Discover how to open your presentation and capture the attention of the audience from the instant you hit the stage, I will also reveal the mistakes you must avoid.
  • How to use stories to capture the attention of the audience and have them hanging on your every word.
  • I show you the critical skills to keep people focused and in a peak learning, and buying state at all times, and how to manage and command the energy in the room
  • How to aggravate the pain in the audience so they have to take action.
  • Its a FACT that people buy on emotions and justify their decisions with logic... discover how to touch the emotional hot buttons of the audience to get them to take action NOW!
  • Discover how to inspire the audience with a dynamic vision of a bright and prosperous future, and generate massive excitement about what lies ahead.
We also show you how to deal with the objections of the audience... if you fail to deal with objections, you give them a reason not to buy!
  • How to overcome objections from the stage before the prospect even has time to realise they had them!
  • Create massive value for your customers and discover how to create a no brainer offer that your audience cannot refuse.
  • How to create an amazing guarantee that removes all doubt in your prospects mind about investing in you.
Now you also get all the closely guarded industry secrets that the professional speakers dont want us to reveal... these include some secrets that even some of the pros just dont know!
  • The single most important stagecraft technique you need to know... fail to follow this simple strategy and you can put off the whole room.
  • Discover the cutting edge marketing strategies you must know to fill a room with a crowd of hungry people
  • Discover how the Big Boys operate, and how to conduct events and get other people to do the speaking, and make money when they make a sale.
  • How to set up your room for sales success (There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way)
  • How to make money by selling other peoples products from stage. (Yes thats right... you dont even need to have your own product)
  • The simple and easy way to collect fantastic testimonials... even if your prospects are camera shy

And finally you discover the most important thing... How to get people to trust you enough to open their wallets and hand you their credit cards... we show you what you need to know to be able to COLLECT THE MONEY!
  • The one thing you should never do or it will slash your sales by 50%.
  • How to get people running to the back of the room, desperate to buy your product at the conclusion of your presentation
  • Use embedded commands to call people to action
  • Discover how to create a no brainer offer that your audience cannot refuse.
  • How to leverage your sales strategy from one-to-one... to one-to-a-group
  • The marketing strategies you must know to fill a room with a crowd of hungry people
  • How to use scarcity and limitation with integrity and compel people to action!
  • You will discover the importance of consent; how to get permission from your audience so they are inviting you to sell to them.
  • How to keep your offer clear and straight forward... this is a critical skill because confused people dont buy
  • The 7 step process that takes people from who the hell are you to heres my credit card... sign me up
  • The one strategy to use if you want to double you sales... this is a strategy that you implement even before you set foot on the stage.
  • The one thing you need to do with the audience that will make you more sales

Now, all of my material is taught using accelerated learning techniques to increase your retention of the information.

This program was filmed at a live training and has been
meticulously edited to provide an extraordinary learning experience
in the comfort of your own home.

We include REAL examples taken from over 5 years on stage, to prove to you that the tips you get really work!

Not only do you get all of this... but you also get
Four Massive Gold Nuggets


Massive Gold Nugget #1
Get paid over and over again, long after your presentation is finished!

Speakers and coaches - this is a MUST for you. Discover how to continue getting paid over and over again... long after the presentation has finished. You get the blueprint for creating an Elegant Business Model. This is the most profitable model that you can apply to your business and will ensure that you are able to generate a MASSIVE ongoing income month after month, for very little effort on your part.


Massive Gold Nugget #2
Put Your Marketing On Steroids and Fill Your Seminar Rooms Easily and Effectively

You get a complete step by step rundown of how to put your marketing on steroids. We give you all the tricks tips and strategies used by the best marketers in the world to fill their workshops. The biggest question we ALWAYS get is How do I fill a Room? We will reveal this on disc 7! Please understand that these are not mainstream strategies, they are simple... yet only implemented properly by very small number of businesses.

Each one of the strategies that we share with you has been tested and proven to generate a massive increase in income when applied on their own!

The information that we share with you here is only found in very high priced courses, we can guarantee that you do not currently use the strategies we share here... in fact very few businesses do... thats why they are so powerful


Massive Gold Nugget #3
We take out the Scalpel and give you a Step By Step Autopsy of Our Own Presentation

Peak behind the scenes with Joanna's extraordinary "two hat" presenation. This is a step by step Autopsy of her own presentation. You will see us break down our actual presentation piece by piece. Every time we use a strategy, we stop and explain what we did, and why we did it.

This is absolute gold... and will be a massive eye opener for you. You will finally understand the techniques used by other speakers, you will finally understand what it is that they do to get a response from you... and you have no idea they are doing it!!

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Please understand that when you apply these techniques to
your business... your life will change forever!

Imagine... you are at the airport waiting for your flight to go back home. You have just completed your first interstate presentation, where all the members of the audience saw you as the leading authority in your area. They were so impressed with what you offered, that dozens of people rushed to the back of the room and invested with you, and your company.

You pinch yourself, as you think that in just 2 hours you made more money than you made for most of the previous year.

You know you have just been at work over the past few days... but it hasnt felt like it!

You had fun, doing something you love... and knowing that you can now make a living out of it is the best reward of all.

Finally everything has fallen into place... by speaking you have become the expert... the person everyone wants to speak to. And it was all so easy!

As they call your plane to board, you realise that your life has changed forever! No longer will you have to put up with unreasonable bosses, gridlock traffic twice a day and working to make someone else rich. Instead you are your own boss... doing something you love, making a difference to peoples lives... and they love you for it.

You are now seen as the expert in your field, and very soon, when your competitors work out what has happened they will be green with envy. They wont know quite how it happened, but they are now insignificant... and you know, that with your new found knowledge and confidence, that they have no hope of catching up to you.

Before you implemented the Presentation Profits System you were petrified of standing up in front of a group, you didnt think there was any chance that you will be able to do this... but you took a gamble and it paid off.

They made it so easy for you... the small progressions meant that you were never far from your comfort zone. By taking a series of baby steps, that were so incredibly easy, you have completely transformed your business... and you life!

You see, it doesnt matter if you are a professional speaker or have never spoken in your life.

We show you how to take the guess work out of selling
from the stage... you will be handed a tried and tested
formula that will work for you!

You see... there is a system and strategy to follow that compels people to take the action you want, and it will be your attention to the microscopic details that will make a massive difference to your sales presentation.

But the problem is most people dont even know what details to pay attention to! Most people think if they do a good speech that people like then the sales will roll in; but thats simply not the case. There is so much more to a performance than the script and delivery, but most speakers dont know this.

And as a result they are leaving behind huge amount of money every time they speak

Dont make the same mistake!

You see, even the tiniest things can make the difference of thousands of dollars worth of sales. I guess it’s my medical background which makes us approach the entire presentation like a doctor. When you look closely, it’s easy to diagnose what’s not “right” about a seminar, a script, a process, a sales environment and “tweak” it for superior results.

There are 10 secrets we reveal that are critical to the design of your seminar process. When you apply these secrets to your sales process... the results are simply amazing.

Secret #1: How to Hit the Emotional Hot Buttons of Your Audience
All human beings are walking... seething, masses of emotion, its just that some of us are better at hiding it than others! So people dont buy based on logic... their buying decisions are always based on emotion. It is how they FEEL about you and your product that is most important.

We show you how to trigger these emotional hot buttons, how to reach inside them and create the feelings that compel them to invest in you, and the solution that you provide for them.

Secret #2: You Are Not Selling Your Product
Trust me, when you are selling from stage you are selling the magic thing that makes you the guru in their eyes. As soon as you're on stage they want to be you... they want the success you have, and the solutions that you can provide. When you discover how to use this to maximum effect, your sales will skyrocket.

Secret #3: The Money Goes Where Energy Flows Principle
The design and layout of your room is critical to the outcome of your presentation. It might be feng shui, it might be common sense, but if the sales table ain't where the masses are, you wont sell a thing!

Secret #4: Design Your Presentation for Sales
The word design means to plan or fashion artistically or skilfully, for a definite purpose. That is the attitude we will bring to your presentation. Too many people think presentation first, sales second. It must be the other way around. You have to think of the sales FIRST, and then design your presentation to maximise this.

Russian playwright Anton Chekhov once said that every word he wrote in a play was vital. If a single word were added or subtracted it would not be the same play. Every word existed purely to advance the plot, the theme or the characters.

In much the same way your presentation must be designed to match your sales intention: how does every word, every gesture further your rapport, education or the sale. Designing Your Presentation to Make Sales Will Revolutionize the Results You Get.

Secret #5: How to Train Your Audience For Mass Obedience!
Are your audience coming and going as they please or are they directly responsive to your every suggestion? Selling from the platform is one long game of Simon Says: You say, they do thats the ultimate result. Once you have created a culture of Mass Obedience, and you tell them to buy... THEY WILL! If you fail to train your audience your sales will suffer.

Secret #6: The Prowl like a Tiger Approach
To managing your platform presence. Youll learn why most presenters fade into the background and are consumed by the stage, and how you can overcome this. You will discover how to stand out... make an impact, and how to use the power of unconscious anchoring to get emotional responses and engage your audience.

Secret #7: Develop Instant Rapport
Discover techniques to shorten the time required to establish RAPPORT so that your audience think theyve met you before. They feel comfortable and relate to you as their trusted advisor and welcome friend.

Secret #8: Sales Scripting for Success
Discover the ideal sales script for you, that is unique and tailored to your style and personality. Whats more, learn how you can remember it easily and hit all the right emotional hot buttons without sounding like youre reciting the alphabet!

Now all of these secrets are going to be revealed, step-by-step,
exercise by exercise in an intensive, home study program,
The Presentation Profits System.


You will discover everything you need to know about running your own events.
  • How to find crew to work at your event for FREE
  • How to scope out your event
  • The big thing to focus on when running your own seminars
  • Why you should charge people to attend your seminars and NEVER do them for FREE

Not only all this, but importantly- for those of you who are trading time for money as a professional, keynote speaker we will reveal the strategy that will set you free. Discover critical information about what it really takes to set up passive income that comes in month after month like clockwork, with almost no effort on your part at all.

Please dont underestimate the Massive Value of the secrets you will discover in this Comprehensive Experiential Training Program

Make no mistake... you will have all the tools and knowledge that you will need, to enable you to prepare and deliver information that is transformational to your clients... and do it in a way that creates wealth and abundance for yourself... that you never thought possible!

Hi Jo

I thought this image might make you smile.

Paul Avins attracted a crowd using skills from Joanna Martin and Shift speaker training

I spoke yesterday at a no sell exhibition and used your "lead people" Strategy to get 1,500 of sales :-)

This paid for the event and we generated Coaching & Speaking leads for 2010.

I also got rebooked by the promoter for 2 events next year on their BIG stage.

They were, and I quote: "blown away" by my presentation and how I got so many people to walk over 500 meters to buy!

Paul AvinsThanks Jo and team, all strategies I learned at Shift Speaking. :-)

Update: Since this event those leads I generated have turned into over 10,000 of ADDITIONAL Coaching client sales

- Paul Avins
The Turbo Business Coach

As you progress through the program you will complete a series of simple, easy, and fun exercises that will enable you to develop an immensely powerful presentation that will lead to a massive response from your audience.

It will absolutely transform your business

And best of all... you will have the confidence to deliver you material with complete comfort like the expert that you really are.

Please understand... you will have a Massive Advantage over your business rivals.

With the information that we share you are being handed the keys to generating massive profits in your business.

So I guess you are wondering what your investment will be
to get join us at the exclusive Presentation Profits Intensive.

Firstly, you should know that I charge $15,000 per day for consulting. This might sound a lot for people who do not work in this industry, but they don’t understand that just a small change in a presentation can generate many times this amount in additional income for a speaker.

People tell us that they get fantastic value for their investment, and tell us that we shouldn’t do this consulting. (I think that maybe they secretly don’t want me sharing these strategies with others that may be in competition with them).

But we actually enjoy working with seminar companies, and we also enjoy sharing our knowledge with people who want to generate a massive boost in their own business income... in fact we get great satisfaction from doing so.
However you need to understand that with this much value we cannot just give it away... we have to ensure that those people who we share these strategies with are serious about their business, and we need to preserve the value of the information.

So your investment in my Presentation Profits System is only $1,997!

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When You Order Your Program For a Limited Time You Will Receive
These Extra Goodies with a value of over £5,647

(This is ONLY for the first 50 people to register)

When you register right now you will also get:

Definitive Voice Warm upFREE Bonus #1 (Valued at $29.95)
A Copy of Joanna’s Book The Presentation Profits Blueprint
Your very own copy of Joanna's book will be mailed out to you asap, so remember to keep an eye out for the postie!


  • How Joanna took her business from zero to half-a-million dollars in just three months.
  • How to find a niche of people who are as obsessed with your topic as you are AND have money to spend.
  • How to effectively build your community and your profile online, offline and in the media.
  • How to use the ‘Elegant Business Model(TM)’ to create products and services with high profit margins so you can stop trading your time for money.
  • How to use the ‘7-Shift Effective Presentation Formula(TM)’ and create a presentation that results in your audience jumping out of their seats to take action.



Definitive Voice Warm upFREE Bonus #2 (Valued at $69)
My Definitive Voice Warm Up audio
I don’t know where I would be without these tools. Probably sounding like a croaky old woman! But seriously, if you speak for a living you gotta know this stuff. Any professional that uses their voice to make them a living... even the hard core professional rock stars do a voice warm up... and you should too!



How to design any presentation in under an hour FREE Bonus #3 (Valued at $85)
How to design any presentation in under an hour
I give you the blueprint that allows you to be able to design your complete presentation in under an hour. My “Ultimate Presentation Design Tool Audio” will give you all the strategies you need to put it all together whilst keeping the ultimate result in mind. (And the fun bit is that it works best with a cocktail, or your favourite drink, in your hand)



What to do if it all goes wrongFREE Bonus #4 (Valued at $69)
The What to do if it All Goes Wrong Audio
Boy: I can’t tell you where I would be without this information. How to deal with hecklers, AV that doesn’t work- or breaks down half way through the presentation, no-one buying and embarrassing faux pas! You name it, we cover it! This audio will literally save your skin, you will go onstage knowing you can handle any situation that is thrown at you.



Webinar Profits SystemFREE Bonus #5 (Valued at $1997)
The Webinar Profits System
Everything you need to know to take your newly polished presentation Online and make money from right in front of your computer. Ever wondered how you could make money without leaving the house?

With the webinar profits system you will learn everything you need to knwo to do just that - you can even make money in your pajamas!


Platform Closer SecretsFREE Bonus #6 (Valued at $997)
Platform Closer Secrets
Recorded at a High Level Mentoring Event in Australia these videos will teach you the Secrets of Advanced Platform Closers to enable you to take your presentation to the next level



21 Page Powerpoint TemplateFREE Bonus #7 (Valued at $299)
21-Slide Powerpoint Presentation Template

This template is structured so you can just insert your content and start closing sales from the stage immediately.


FREE Bonus #8 (Valued at $1350)
Lifetime Support with Access to the Platform Speaker’s Forum

Receive 1:1 support from Joanna and Shift Team, plus Peer Networking and Collaboration.

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Please understand that most business owners dont educate themselves... as a doctor I would have been required to continue my education, to ensure that I was able to continue to care for my patients in the most effective way possible.

After all... Im sure you would want your doctor keeping up with the latest medical advances to be sure that you get the best treatment!

However most business owners never take the time to educate themselves, they are too involved with the busy work that exists in their business. This is the type of work that has to be done... but doesnt contribute to the bottom line... it is the type of work they should be delegating to others!

I have a question for you...

Are you committed to ensuring your business success... and to increasing your profile so that you are seen as an expert in your industry? Are you willing to do that little bit extra... to do something that is a little different to other people in your industry?

Are You Ready To Be Noticed?

Now please understand... this training is Not For Everyone!

This training program is only for those people who are serious about developing their business and boosting their profits. Now there is a fair chance that if you have read this far... then you are serious about improving your business through speaking.

However there are some people who this is just not right for...

  • You are a dreamer who is not prepared to do any work... once you discover the strategies. Now although these strategies work like gangbusters, and are the most effective strategies on the planet... however you will only benefit if you are prepared to do some work, it wont be hard... but you will have to take SOME action and be willing to believe in yourself.
  • If you are happy with your current business results, and are earning all the money you want, then there really is no need to take any action. Look...there are some people who dont want any business growth! They are currently working within their comfort zone, and have no desire for things to change. So if this is you then there is no need for you to do anything... just keep doing what you are doing.
  • Whingers and moaners need not apply... if you are the type of person who likes to find whats wrong with something... you probably shouldnt be onstage in the first place. If you like to try to find the reason why something wont work you will probably make it your own self fulfilling prophecy... so you should not make an investment with me

Now if this sounds like you... please do not invest in my program, we only want to deal with people who are willing to take action and make a massive change in their business and their lives.

We are only interested in working with people who have a burning desire to make a massive change in their business.

Our Personal Promise to You
You Get an Unbelievable Double Guarantee!

We want to make it clear... right from the word go, that if these strategies dont make you money, we dont want your money. Its that simple! We are confident that if you take these strategies and apply them, you will EASILY make back the entire investment in sales at your very own presentation. These techniques are that powerful! So heres the deal:

Invest in our Presentation Profits System and see us EXPOSE our Million Dollar Presentation Blueprints. Watch as we lay bare our secrets to platform selling success. Discover for yourself just how much this information means to you and your business.

Guarantee #1
Receive your home study program, listen to the information, go through the training manual, check out all of the bonuses. If after 30 days, in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with the groundbreaking information we share with you, simply let us know, return your materials and we will give you a prompt and courteous 100% refund!

Guarantee #2
Take an entire 12 Months to put these strategies into action in your business... prepare and conduct your seminars, take advantage of our bonus by sending us a video of yourself so I can give you feedback... which has massive value. If in the unlikely event that you apply the strategies we show you, and you cannot make back your entire investment, then just prove to us that you have tried these strategies, and we will personally write you a cheque for double your investment... and you can keep all the bonuses! Valued at over £5,600

So this means that if you try these strategies, and you find they dont work in your industry, and cannot find a way to make them work (which is highly unlikely) then you are completely covered... We will return every cent that you invested, and then give you the same amount again.

Now we cannot be any fairer than that... we have virtually removed all the risk for you!

So you now really have two choices...

You can continue along in your business as you have been doing. You can continue with the same old things... and keep achieving the same old results. If you are comfortable where you are at... then there is no need to do anything.

However if you want to discover how to be seen as the expert in your field, discover how to stand head and shoulders above your competition, and generate massive profits as a speaker then you owe it to yourself, and your family, to give yourself every advantage.

...and there is no greater advantage than discovering the Secrets of Selling from the Stage!

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Here is a quick reminder about what you get...

What You Get


The Presentation Profits System 12 Video Online Home Study Set


The Presentation Profits System Complete Downloadable MP3s and Audios


Bonus #1

A Signed Copy of Joanna’s Book The Presentation Profits Blueprint


Bonus #2

My Definitive Voice Warm Up audio


Bonus #3

How to design any presentation in under an hour audio


Bonus #4

The What to do if it All Goes Wrong Audio


Bonus #5

The Webinar Profits System


Bonus #6

Platform Closer Secrets Training


Bonus #7

21-Slide Powerpoint Presentation Template


Bonus #8

Lifetime Support with Access to the Platform Speaker’s Forum


Total Value


Your Investment


Your Saving



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Have you ever wondered why some people find
massive success
... and others only scrape by in life?

Its not because they are smarter, prettier, or luckier than everyone else...

The real reason is because they take the time to learn skills that others do not... they take action when others dont. Instead of sitting in front of the TV night after night, spending money on booze, and their DVD movie library, they invest in their own knowledge... and then put this knowledge into practice.

"You need to get yourself there


Jennie Armato - Platform Superstar and Internet Marketer
Melbourne, Australia

One of my favourite quotes is from US Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, and it is something that I have always lived by...

If you empty your Purse into your head, you cannot lose it; an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Your personal and business success is completely up to you.

But, believe it or not... you are already ahead of most people!

This is because you have taken the time to read this message... when most people just wouldnt have bothered... so I know you have a dream of being successful. You have a dream of standing head and shoulders above everyone else.

...but the difference between dreams and reality is ACTION!

I hope you will decide to take the action that will enable you to have the success... and the lifestyle, which we both know you deserve.
And I hope that you will allow us to mentor you through this process

Dr Joanna Martin


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P.S. Dont forget... We have given you a Double Guarantee! If for any reason you just dont think this will work for you, or in the unlikely event you find that you dont get the results that we promise, simply return your course materials for a prompt and courteous refund of every cent of your investment.

P.P.S. It doesnt matter if you have never spoken before, or are fearful of speaking at the moment. We will guide you through a simple and easy progression that will allow you to build your presentation and develop the confidence that will allow you to become a massive success. Dont forget... we will be helping you to speak about something you are already an expert in... and it is going to be a lot easier than you think.

P.P.P.S. Sometimes the hardest decisions in life turn also out to be the best ones. When I turned my back on a medical career after becoming a qualified Doctor, my dear old Grandmother had difficulty coping with my decision, but I knew it was for the best. If this is right for you then you will feel it. If you feel this is right for you then follow your heart... it often leads us to the place we want to be... and to the person we want to become.

P.P.P.P.S. To hear loads more success stories from people who have implemented this system, please click here.