This Speaker made $1,128,306.95 Million In Sales at a 3-Day Event With Only 65 People and Finally Reveals . . .

"How To Speak and Grow Rich"

Announcing: The Shift Speaker Training Silver Mentoring Program

. . . a step-by-step, hold your hand at every step program, laid out like a virtual 'wikipedia' of speaking success tools, tips, techniques and tricks which shows you how to make more money in a month than most people make in an entire year . . . all for less than a cup of coffee each day . . .


From: Dr. Joanna Martin
Location: An internet connection anywhere in the world

Dear Friend and Difference Maker,

Speaking is one of the most rewarding ways for you as an entrepreneur to build wealth quickly.

. . . And YOU are now on your way to having everything in the world you really want for your business- and great news is- it WON’T cost you a fortune to get it.

Please, take the time to absorb every word in this letter, as only then will you know why you need to claim your place in my step-by-step Silver Speaker Mentoring Program . . . which truly is the ultimate speaking resource.

I believe you will benefit in a huge way and I personally invite you to become part of my online Silver Mentoring community where you will discover how to wake up the speaking genius inside you.

By the way, did you notice I said 'everything' and NOT 'anything’ in that first paragraph?

There's a major difference in the meaning of the two words – and only one of them is life-changing for you.

Put it this way… If I was to give YOU 'anything' in the world you desired, my 'gift' to you would automatically be limited.

And far more would be withheld from you than you would receive...I’d be holding you back, limiting your success.

If I could give you the world, you might only get a minute fraction of it and I would keep the rest as the giver.

But to have 'everything' is a promise WITHOUT limitation!

Which, my entrepreneurial friend, is exactly what I want to give you. I want to set you free of your limitations and help you be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Now if you’re anything like most people, you may have already started to limit your beliefs after reading the first 2 sentences above. You might already be doubting what becoming a member of the Shift Speaker Training Silver Mentoring Program will give you in your business.

But it's critical you do not!

I'm having the Best Time of my Life
It's Awesome!

Jo Baker
Lifestyle Specialist
Melbourne, Australia

Let's take a closer look at the first 2 sentences again.

What was your initial reaction when you read it? Did you start to reject the possibility of truth in such a simple, yet powerful statement?

Did your habit-conditioned mind automatically say - 'No, not me', Nada - No Way', 'Are you insane Joanna?'

The fact of the matter is, I believe there's a distinct possibility you did just this . . . which is exactly why I am dwelling on it!

OK- let’s face it: only a fool would accept such a statement on absolute faith, without any evidence whatsoever. However a wise person, 100% free of deadly, self limitations would investigate what fools take for granted and merely ask..."How?"

Don't you be guilty of limiting yourself.

Don't reject the success and riches you deserve from speaking, simply because you FEAR it might not be true for you.

The only question you need to ask yourself and of me is "How?"

"How can you have everything in the world you could ever want?”

Go with me here… absorb every word on this page and you will discover how. I will give you the 'Know How'! And…

I need you to forget self-limitation for the moment.

Can you do this?

Good, because this is the one and only thing I ask of you at this stage.

You do not have to believe anything yet . . . however, you must not disbelieve that the possibility of taking part in my Silver Mentoring Program might just work for you.


Good, you are still reading . . . which means you are a person who can cast aside failure-oriented doubt long enough to discover how.

Speaking Started When The Caveman First Grunted . . .

cavemanEver since the caveman first took his club, raised it in the air and grunted and groaned as he delivered his speech to his tribe . . . the world has evolved, and the world you live in now will continue to do so.

Your world is defined by the words you choose and speak to your friends, family, clients and business associates.

Speeches have started wars, ended people's lives, made people cry, made them happy, created peace, made people fall in love, proposed marriages, made politicians presidents and …made people fortunes!

Great speakers make their fortunes, even become household names because of words they delivered in the form of a moving, empowering speech.

Think of Oprah Winfrey’s last show, Donald Trump, President Obama, Tony Blair and Sir Richard Branson, to name a few.

For you as an entrepreneur . . . the words YOU choose, then deliver as a speaker . . . will equally determine how successful you will be.

No exceptions.

Here's Why . . .

When you want to stop trading your time for money, and create huge profits from multiple streams of income through speaking…

When you want to not only get paid to speak, but to build passive income so that you can live the ultimate lifestyle and enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want, from anywhere in the world you want to do it…

And you want the insider secrets of the biggest and most experienced speakers in the business to achieve all this . . . then you need to take action now.

But before I go any further I want you to understand this:

This is a virtual mentoring program which has all of the tools and support you will need . . . however, you will still need to take massive action and do some work!

So only when you want to join this elite group of serious people implementing a 'paint by numbers' system . . . which allows you to leverage your knowledge, make your difference and FINALLY get paid what you're really worth . . . please keep reading.

“We did $44,000 confirmed in a day,
plus more to come in…”

“We did our 1-day seminar yesterday and it was an outstanding success. We filled the room with 65 people at $197 each.

I got a fantastic comment from one of the Shift Speaker Training Community, Rita, at lunch: "Joey would be proud of your "pre-closing" And you would have been!

We had 11 (many plus partners) just go straight to the back and sign up (@$4,000). Plus another 3-5 say they had to get back to usSo it was just on $50k for the day!

Steve and Pam Brossman

We had a goal of $50 k on the day (ok it was a modest goal but we were just getting started in this). When final registrations come in we will do $75k for the event. And: We have our P.A. starting shortly too!

So thanks for all your help so far as I tried to follow the formula to the letter and while it wasn’t perfect I know the formula was working.


Steve and Pam Brossman
Sydney, Australia

"WHOA Joanna . . .
What Does This Mean For Me?"

Good Question.

One Answer.

It means you are one step closer to having everything in the world you have ever really wanted without costing you a fortune to get it, like I said at the very beginning of this letter.

Whether YOU are a coach, speaker, consultant or entrepreneur you already have discovered that without clients, and without sales you do not have a business. Which means YOU have no lifestyle and no freedom. And, you don’t get to make the difference that you were truly put on this planet to make right?

On the other hand . . . nothing has the power for you to attract more clients to your business faster than speaking on your chosen topic.

speaker at lecternHowever when most people hear the word “public speaking” . . . the first thing they think about is “giving a good talk”. I am here to say to you . . . great, polished speakers rarely make great money.

Being able to deliver a good talk, and running a profitable business are two mutually exclusive skills and when you combine both skills . . . you have a proven cocktail for success, one so potent, all serious entrepreneurs will be lining up at the bar to drink!

Let's get one point very clear. . . if you are here to discover how to give a wedding speech or deliver a polished talk - you have come to the wrong place. There are plenty of other websites about that.

This website is dedicated to helping you to inspiring action with your presentations, to make profits from your passion and make an impact in people’s lives.

YOU need to be passionate about your products or services, believe in them, love them and be prepared to defend them until the bitter end, otherwise, you will gain little attention in your market place as a speaker.

YOU have to be able to talk about your topic until you are blue in the face- because without passion, no-one will trust you.

When you ignite your passion and fan the flames . . . you will discover there are potentially millions of other people around the world who are just like you . . . which means all you need for a multi-million dollar business, are a few thousand of these people.

What’s more…

YOU will discover how you can leverage what's between your ears to create an elegant business model and make money even while you sleep.

The system which I'm going to be sharing with you inside of the Ultimate Speaking Resource is really, really simple. It's very easy to apply no matter what business you're currently in or what country you’re from . . .

“I have more subscribers than ever
and my seminar is almost full”

Wolfgang Bonisch

Hi Joanna,

I wanted to send you my success story from Germany:

I'm in your Silver Mentoring Program since last summer. I began adapting the principles in autumn and started a series of webinars about my topic "negotiation".

Since then I released an open seminar, which will take place in February. And all works well (sic)!

I have much more subscribers on my lists than ever, and the seminar is almost full. In today's webinar I'm going to sell the last seats, based on your sales process.

So, thank you again.


Wolfgang Bönisch
Hamburg, Germany


  • If you're a coach or if you're a consultant and you want to use speaking to grow your business… this is for you.
  • If you're a marketer or a teleseminar host and you want to learn how to sell more product… this is for you.
  • If you're already out speaking and training and you just want to know how to make more money and get some lifestyle back inside of what you're doing.

Can you imagine taking an audience from:

"Who The Hell Are You" . . . To
"I Love YOU Here's My Credit Card
. . . Sign Me Up Quick!"

Crowd Rush

Imagine your very own table rush like this!

. . . Imagine yourself leaving the stage, having delivered such an Effective Presentation that the audience are not just blown away… they are literally running to the back of the room to buy your products and services. These same people, not 90 minutes earlier had never met you! How do you do that?

The cornerstone for you as a coach, consultant or in the speaking business is an Effective Presentation which gets you new customers. And that’s why the first 12 weeks of My Silver Mentoring Program details this process, step-by-step and holds your hand along the way as you create your very own 7-Step Effective Presentation Formula in your industry.

I’ve included all the steps, resources, hints, tips, tricks, tools and insider secrets which I have discovered and perfected along the way . . . plus you will also discover what not to do . . . which means you avoid all of the costly mistakes I made along the road to success as a speaker.

Here's FOUR Facts About What The
Shift Speaker Training Silver Mentoring
Program Can Do For Your Business . . .

Fact #1

Matt and Amanda Clarkson used this same system inside of their EBay magic workshops and the first time with the three-day event they made over $2 million in sales.

Over $2 Million in Sales

Matt Clarkson,
Author and Speaker - Bidding Buzz

Fact #2

Kelly O'Neil made $80,000 in two hours and got 14 new clients for her consulting business and she said, “It was easier than ever before.”

$80,000 in 2 Hours!

Kelly O'Neil"I have had the opportunity to work with several speaker trainers. Lots of them had interesting things to say, but none of them helped me create the kinds of results in my business that Joanna Martin did.

In the first presentation I did after my training with Jo, I closed $80K in new business from the stage in 2 hours and got 14 new clients and it was easier than ever before!

The techniques she taught me have created immeasurable results and it was the best investment I have ever made in my business. If you have the opportunity to work with her, DO IT. Not only will you create better results for your life and business, you will have a blast doing it!"

Kelly O'Neil,
Award Winning Business & Marketing Strategist,
Author and Speaker

Fact #3

John Lee used one technique from the program to make over $5,000 in 23 minutes.

"£5,000 in 23 Minutes!"

John Lee

Fact #4

Kat Loterzo implemented the strategies she learned from her e-classes, and went on to run a workshop with 20 people attending. She sold 7 places on a $2,000 mentoring program- making $14,000.

Kat Loterzo

Over $1.25 Million
In Sales During My First Year
Selling From on Stage . . .

Before you go any further, let me introduce myself properly. You may know of me already and if you do, great . . . however, it's important I refresh you memory because what I want to reveal to you, deep inside my Silver Mentoring Program . . . will be life changing for you.

These days, I am a professional speaker (who has spoken in the US, UK, Europe and Australia) and a speaker trainer in high demand all over the world. The recognition I have received shocked me at first.

I haven't always been a speaker.

Doctor in Scrubs

I started my working life as
a medical doctor

I started my working life as a Doctor in Tasmania, Australia before discovering I wasn't passionate about it. I was simply going through the motions.

It was after losing one of my favorite patients, a beautiful, young, Irish, pixie like mother of 2, to cancer . . . I soon realized life was too short to waste in a job which I did not love.

Have you ever been in a job or business you didn't love?

I'm guessing you have because you wouldn't be reading this far if you hadn't.


Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

I decided to run away to drama school. Not just any drama school. It's the same one Hollywood 'A' list actors, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman graduated from.

I was following my true passion of my love for acting and drama . . . however it didn't take me too long until I realised . . . "I wasn't making a difference in this world".

I decided to attend my first ever seminar soon after and that's really when it all hit me because up until then, I was clueless.

I didn't even know there was such a profession as the speaking industry.

Another moment of insight occurred when I discovered there were thousands and thousands of people who called themselves 'speakers'- who were making serious money by simply sharing their passions to a hungry crowd of people from stage.

They were making an impact in people's lives, and getting paid for it.

I was in heaven.

I was hooked.

That was all back in 2003. Since then I have made a lot of money from speaking . . . but not until I discovered how to leverage my time for maximum profits and fulfil my dreams . . . I had to discover the 2 Key Ingredients along the way.

HeartThese two key ingredients will be essential to you getting these kind of results: the first is your passion for your products and services. The second is your sales presentation.

If you don’t love what you sell, the first thing I suggest is to find something to sell which you love, because otherwise your audience will see straight through you as though you are a glass door. One of the reasons I sold so much, was because I totally and utterly believed in what I was selling and my passion shone through like a lighthouse beacon.

And I want you to have this kind of success too!

Fair enough?

Denise Duffield Thomas


11 FACTS Which Prove My Shift Speaker
Training Silver Mentoring Program Can Show
How To Make YOUR Fortune From Speaking:

I spell these out for you, not to boast, but to let you know, I can show you a few things when it comes to making a handsome income from the stage…

FACT #1: I am a qualified Medical Doctor, winning two prizes and graduated with Honors

FACT #2: Generated over $1.25 million in sales from stage during my first 12 months

FACT #3: Generated $1,128,306.95 in sales at a single 3-day event . . . with just 65 people attending (not 1,000) . . . using the exact same system and strategies I want you to have access to.

FACT #4: Starting with no clients and no database, I took my own business from zero dollars to a half a million in revenue in just 3 short months.

FACT #5: Using just one of the 7 Profit Principles, generated $130,000 in ticket sales without a database of my own - again, in just 3 short months.

FACT #6: Spoken to over 55,000 people on three continents.

FACT #7: Shared my effective speaker presentation strategies with over 11,139 business owners, which includes too many celebrity speakers to list here.

FACT #8: To hire me as your mentor, privately would be an investment of $15,000 for one day and you would also be buying my lunch.

TRIPLED our Sales Results....

Jonathan Jay
Speaker Promoter and Founder of
United Kingdom


FACT #9: My burning passion is to help you and as many people like you to make new money from speaking, as soon as possible . . . which then gives you an amazing lifestyle by leveraging your time for freedom and profits.

Joanna Martin Gives a cheque to the Hunger Project

Joanna Martin gives a cheque for $17,423 to Cathy Burke of
The Hunger Project at a recent event in Melbourne.

FACT #10: I’ve spent over 5,143 hours on stage and the businesses I’ve consulted to have generated revenues of over $51 million.

FACT #11: Members of my top level mentoring programs, invest anywhere from $19,000 to $100,000 each and this step-by-step program is a direct result from the lessons I discovered from them, the roadblocks, their slip-ups and their success stories - which means I can now provide you with your very own roadmap for success as a speaker at a much lower price.

FACT #12: All this allows me to make significant contributions to the charities I support, especially the Hunger Project, with whom I also give my time helping them to improve their presentations to attract investors.


Speaking Income

What's more, once you get your elegant business model in place, you can get results like this. This is one product that I sell in just one currency and there are many more like this…

Speaking Income

This one particular product makes me between $5,000 and $8,000 month-in, month-out and I don't even have to lift a finger.

Please understand: the time has long passed when I felt any urge to ‘toot my own horn’ just to hear the music.

I’ve rattled off these facts for your benefit . . . not mine . . . to clearly demonstrate why you should and can trust what my Silver Mentoring Program can reveal to you about making THE REWARDS YOU TRULY DESERVE for sharing your gift in the world . . . using proven strategies which you may not even know exist.

You see, I am NOT a ‘theorist’.

I am real.

I am current.

I am doing exactly what YOU want to be doing right now.

Let's Crack Open The Vault and Take a Sneak Peak
at What YOU Will Discover Deep Inside The Resource
Libray As Member of My Silver Mentoring Program

Dollar SafeThis truly is a 'wikipedia' of speaking success tools, tips, techniques and tricks - all designed to make you more money from speaking . . . however, NOT just make you more money, it's been designed so that you can enjoy the ultimate lifestyle business through speaking and you do that in three different ways.

  1. You will make more money from every presentation you do. Imagine every time you speak, going home with more money in your bank account.
  2. We'll show you how to run events which make you serious money . . . plus you will be shown exactly how to fill a room and make HUGE profits.
  3. I'll show you how to structure your business so that you can make money while you sleep and finally stop trading your valuable time for money.

In a moment, I will reveal to you, exactly what you will get each and every month however . . . I want to give you an idea of what's already inside the resource library. There's at least 64 e-classes. But don’t worry it wont be overwhelming- you get emailed one a week. But if you want to jump right in- there’s 17 Teleseminars on a huge array of topics, 7 hot seat calls and other resources . . . all dedicated to showing you the 3 steps mentioned above.

Fair enough?

OKAY... So Let's Get Back to What YOU Will Discover...

With such an exhaustive amount of success tools and information available for you . . I simply can not detail every specific benefit you will get because there would at least be over 500.

But 39 are detailed below to whet your appetite.

Myself and my dedicated team invested a lot of time to plan the Silver Mentoring Program - which truly is the Ultimate Speaking Resource . . . to ensure the system would be extremely easy for you to follow and then implement.

Easy ButtonThe lessons have been structured in such an easy to follow, step by step logical sequence . . . a 12 year old child could do it. We definitely did not want to be one of those websites which says . . . "here is lots of information – now figure out what to do with it yourself”!

When you join the mentoring program and consistently apply the information in the lessons as they arrive each week, you should have your first money-making presentation ready to go in about 8-10 weeks. These days I can write a sales presentation in a few short hours.

After we have covered the basics in the first 8-10 weeks . . . the lessons will start to help you fine-tune your presentation to improve sales. Next you will move onto advanced topics such as sourcing or creating products, structuring back end sales, joint ventures, how to get help without hiring, and how to get gigs etc

“I was a procrastinating employee
and 3 weeks later I’m in business!”

 I have been a lifetime employee and have been procrastinating on starting my own business for at least 5 to 10 years, printed business cards, been to numerous seminars and listened to many great mentors.

Now after just three weeks listening to Joanna and being part of her Silver Mentoring program, I am in business.  I sent a single email out last night and have my first teleseminar in three weeks, have registrations already and am actively chasing speaking gigs– it’s scary but absolutely exhilarating at the same time!

Thanks Joanna for the great information and motivation!

Kym Heffernan
Mebourne, Australia

This is a complete system…

  • Discover how to quickly and easily choose a great topic for your presentation.
  • How to create such a compelling offer you cause a stampede of ravenous buyers rushing to the back of the room to buy your offer as soon as you walk off stage.
  • REVEALED: How to package your products or services for maximum profits.
  • The #1 secret of how to determine your price point so that you can sell your products and services at your price without objections - never under sell yourself ever again.
  • The little known secrets to getting booked solid, to the point you are having to turn down speaking opportunities. It's not uncommon for members to be booked solid within 6 months from joining the Silver Mentoring Program. This would be a great problem for you to have. Right??
  • How to sell lots of products and services without being pushy or manipulative. Imagine selling with heart, integrity and speaking to your audience in a soul to soul kind of level . . .
  • A simple method to creating a risk-reversal guarantee which means more sales and profits for you.
  • EXPOSED: The misconception that speakers can not earn passive income. Joanna shows you how you can leverage what's between your ears to create an elegant business model and make money even while you sleep.
  • The 7-Shift Effective Presentation Formula to a profitable presentation. Every successful speaker uses each secret without fail which means you can copy what they do for maximum profits.
  • How to develop your own unique presentation style . . . it sets you apart from your competitors and has your audience falling in love with you, eager to whip out their credit card and invest in your offer at your price.
  • The little known secret to making your presentation entertaining.
  • Joanna reveals her simple system which allows you to become a celebrity almost overnight within your chosen niche. Every step is laid out for you.
  • REVEALED: How to build a list of raving fans – people who are hanging on your every word because you have a really strong heartfelt relationship with them . . . giving them great content and a great sense of community which means more sales for you.
  • The wrong way and the right way to structure your presentation.
  • The #1 most important gig-attracting tool you need which means you can instantly position yourself as the expert and make yourself irresistible to promoters and the media.
  • The A-B-C formula for list building breakthroughs.
  • EXPOSED: Down and dirty techniques to manage your mind and banish your fears and frustrations forever . . . and making you more inspiring on stage.
  • The correct way to use testimonials to increase your sales.
  • An easy, 7 step copywriting formula which means you too can soon be creating sizzling sales letters which sell.
  • How to create urgency for maximum response and sales.
  • REVEALED: How to establish such an undeniable need for your product, that people will quite literally throw their credit card at you regardless of your price.
  • How to express your emotions when speaking so that you engage your audience and instantly build rapport.
  • EXPOSED: The biggest powerpoint mistakes and how to avoid them at all costs.
  • REVEALED: What an elegant business model is and how you to create yours using 3 proven steps.
  • How to create products with high profit margins, freeing up your valuable time by creating your own Elegant Business Model.
  • How to ensure your sales stick after you speak at any event which means more sales and less refunds.
  • How to get help without hiring any staff.
  • REVEALED: The 'Magic Confidence Pill' to uncovering and letting go of your emotional blockages.
  • The DO'S and DON'TS of speaker etiquette.
  • The correct way for you to stay healthy and sane while you succeed as a speaker.
  • 5 key principles which reveal to you exactly how to create a profitable business model as a speaker.
  • The biggest mistake most speakers make when speaking at other people's gigs and how you can avoid it.
  • How to stand out head and shoulders above your competition in your people's eyes which means more sales for you and more raving fans who can't help tell everyone they know about you.
  • At least 7 ways to build your list of keen prospects.
  • Discover the real reason why people invest in your products when you speak. It's not what you think and it's an absolute gem!
  • REVEALED: Discover what Speaking Alchemy is and how to use it to turn your words into money.
  • How to create your powerpoint presentation which animates your audience for maximum profits.
  • 7 Kisses of death which you want to avoid like the plague when it comes to your powerpoint presentation. Get this one wrong at your own risk!
  • How to get a quick cash flow injection into your business. Joanna reveals the EXACT system she used to generate an extra $10,060 of business for her coaching practice in one short evening which means you can simply copy what she did for your business and reaps the rewards.
  • and much, much more!

Joey Got me on Stage
with World class Speakers!

David Penglase, Professional Speaker,
Melbourne Australia
PHEW Joanna!

I Understand Now Why YOU Call It The Ultimate Speaking Resource . . . What's Included Each Month In Your Silver Mentoring Program?

Good Question.

One answer.

The Silver Mentoring Program gives you all of the key ingredients you will ever need to succeed as a speaker and provide you with a community which values you, and supports you. It will show you how unleash your passion for your chosen niche as you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

I want to clear up one aspect though . . . before I go any further. It's NOT about hard selling!

The Silver Mentoring Program is about selling with integrity, making profit with heart and for you as a speaker… it's not just about going out making money and enjoying the awesome lifestyle . . . It's also about making the difference which I know you want to make.

All of the success stories which you've heard from Shift Speaker Training use these really simple systems which I'm sharing in this Ultimate Speaking Resource. In fact the effective presentation system which I teach you . . . made over $1.25 million in sales in my first 12 months on the platform as a professional speaker.

The seminar marketing system which I also share with you . . . allowed me to go from ZERO to generating $500,000 in three short months without a database of my own. At the time, I only had like 60 people in Microsoft Outlook database. I kid you not . . . it was THAT marketing system!

As a member of the Silver Mentoring Program, here's what you'll get:


(Value $268 per month)

Weekly E-Classes Delivered Right Into Your Inbox:



Your e-classes will be emailed to you each and every week. These take you step by step through the whole process, with a laundry list of examples, tools, tips and templates. Not only will you discover what to do – you will also understand why you are doing it.

Topics as diverse as . . .

  • How to speak and be charismatic and irresistible on the platform
  • How to structure a presentation so it makes you money
  • How to get more gigs
  • How to use your voice
  • How to create audio products or video products

You name it! There are so many different topics designed to help you to grow your speaking business. What's more, there's a special class in there about your mindset and how to overcome any and all fears which you might have about public speaking or selling.

You get to implement a little at a time without feeling overwhelmed.


(Value $75 per month)

Monthly Closed Door Q&A Calls:

Jo Harrison Headset That’s right . . . we are going to personally support you, to answer your questions. Once a month, every month, one of our highly trained Shift Speaker Training coaches will host a LIVE Q&A mentoring call.

These are private, invitation only for our silver members.

You can bring along any questions you have about selling from stage, getting published, creating information products, filling a room- you name it… we’ll help you get through your biggest business challenges. You have complete freedom to get personalised coaching, in the closed group environment.

So why in a group? Often people find they have the same burning questions as someone else so can learn by sharing. Or you’ll find someone else may ask a question which you hadn’t even thought of and you go ‘wow! I needed to know that.’

You will no doubt have questions about what products you should create or what offer should you make at a specific talk . . . or where do you get more gigs in your niche?

It really doesn’t matter what your questions are because my team will be there for you where we will give you the answers which are specific to you and your chosen niche.

You may simply feel as though you need a kick up the bum and if this is what you need, we will happily oblige.

That's an extra $1,875 in genuine value as each call is conservatively worth $75.


(Value $197 per month)

Instant access to the Interviews with Dr Joanna Martin and her panel of experts:

Joanna MartinIn these recordings, stored in your online resource library, Joanna has interviewed the experts that have helped her to grow her business. There’s also indepth recordings on ‘hot topics’ such as how to fill a room, or how to get those gigs, to help accelerate your progress through the program. Now these are really content-filled jam packed sessions. There are currently 17 webinars already uploaded to the resource library.

In the past we've interviewed people like Darren Stevens. You may have heard of him by reputation. Perhaps you came across a little book called, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”? Well, Darren was the mastermind behind the marketing of the book which became an international phenomenon.

The book was so successful . . . it was second only to the Bible during the 90's in terms of sales? The information in this interview is worth an entire year's investment in the silver mentoring program alone!

PLUS… there have been interviews with all sorts of promoters who give you the inside tips on what they're looking for when they want to put a speaker on the platform.

The value is easily worth way more than the $197 when you consider the nuggets of pure gold which await you in each and every interview.

Members will have exclusive unlimited access to the recordings - complete with question and answer sessions to address the most pressing issues you are facing. I’m completely frank and provide uncensored insider tips and secrets to fast track your success.


(Value $17 per month)

Priority Response in the Shift Speaker Training Forum

Shift Speaker Training Forum

When you join our International Community of Difference Makers online in this forum- not only will you benefit from interacting with and building relationships with speakers all around the world- but you can ask me questions and have them answered personally here.

Rather than using complicated forum software, we host this forum in Facebook, which most of us use on a daily basis anyhow. So its user friendly and easy to get your questions answered.




(Value $67 per month)

Silver Membership Program

Members Online Community Website:

YOU get full access to the members-only website which is constantly updated with valuable information about becoming a recognised speaker, where to go and who to talk to. It's my job to educate you on how to become the top seller in your field . . . all you need to do is follow the system and watch your money come rolling in.



(Value $49 per month)

Members Only Questions and Answers Section:

Questions and AnswersYou get access to the Question and Answer section on the members-only website, with answers to frequently asked questions. You can also send in your own questions and ideas which will be addressed in future teleconferences.

All questions from the Forum are uploaded into this FAQ area so you can find what you need at a glance.



(Value $1,875)

PowerpointPersonal Critique on Your Powerpoint:

We will give you personal feedback on your Powerpoint Presentation because there are a lot of ways to be right with PowerPoints, but a lot of ways to be wrong. So instead of falling into those traps, send yours in and we'll look at it for you. You can have confidence your Powerpoints are going to support your profits.

Considering my daily fee is $15,000 . . . the one full hour I will spend on the critique your powerpoint is genuinely worth $1,875.


Ultimate Speaking Resource BONUS Worth Your Entire Investment

Before I reveal to you how much your low monthly investment in my Silver Mentoring Program will be . . . I have kept the best for last because . . . I know what it is YOU really want as a speaker

. . . is to get on stage!

You know I'm right and here's the point . . . I get loads of speaking opportunities every month.

I've got friends who are promoting in Australia, in the UK and the US and when they're looking for a speaker they know who can sell and they know is a good speaker who has a good talk, they often ask me to supply someone in that specific niche.

Sometimes it's the Internet marketing niche, sometimes it's a health niche, sometimes it's a relationship niche, sometimes it's business, you name it!

I've had people ask me . . . “Who do I know?”

Often times some of the big promoters will have a big speaker cancel at the last minute and an opportunity opens up where they want someone to fill in really quickly. And they'll come to me because they know I've got my membership.

Just recently I have been able to get several members on stage such as Suraj Sodha, who scored a slot on a multispeaker gig in London because of a recommendation I put in for him…

Suraj Sodah Thank you Letter

And don't forget one of our other members, David Penglase who got booked on stage along side Mark Victor Hansen within 6 months of joining the Shift Speaker Training community.

Of course I can’t make any guarantees – ultimately it’s up to the promoters . . . however when you show promise and have the right offer, I’ll personally introduce you to the movers and shakers in your industry.

I’d love nothing more than to see you as a member of my program up on stage and making squillions! In this business it’s not what you know . . . it's WHO you know, and I’ve been working in the speaking arena long enough to have some great contacts.

Coffee Cup

All This For Less Than a Cup of Coffee a Day!

Many times, putting a value isn't easy, especially when you consider the total value you will get each and every month as a member of the Silver Mentoring Program, so I did think long and hard about what your investment will be.

In the end, it was easy.

Because much of the content is created once and then uploaded into your members area and the fact is . . . I have many members already with the numbers growing daily . . . the good news for you is I can keep your monthly investment way down even though the total monthly VALUE (Benefits 1 to 6) is a genuine $673 per month and this doesn't take into consideration, your Critique of your Powerpoint Presentation and getting you on stage when you are ready.

After careful consideration, I have decided to keep your investment to less than a cup of coffee a day and therefore . . .

Your Monthly Investment is just $97

(£67 if you’re in the UK)

And because it's a monthly membership, you cancel your membership at any time with no hard feeling and keep everything you have downloaded, keep all of your weekly e-classes and understand that no one will ask you any questions.

Today Only - $97

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FlamesThe Passion is Lit . . . Are
YOU Ready To Ignite The Flames?

The best aspect about the entire Silver Mentoring Program, is you can do it from anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter where you live. You don't have to squeeze into an airplane to fly anywhere just to attend a workshop, take time away from your work and loved ones or pay any Hotel Bills either.

In fact one of our star members, Kat Hudson from Perth started the program with a 3 month old baby in her arms!

You can do this program from anywhere because it's an online and tele-coaching system with support for you, personalized to you, no matter where you are in the world.

What's more, it is the most affordable mentoring program of its kind on the planet. We’re here to hold your hand and personally give you all the support you need - each and every step of the way until you succeed.

My commitment with this program is to create a new generation of ethical, powerful speakers: an International Community of Difference Makers, if you will. So its in our best interests to make sure that the difference you are making is sustainable. It can only be sustainable if you’re bringing in the kind of money you deserve!

I want people like you, I want people with heart, I want people with integrity and I want people with authenticity to join our community and the Silver Mentoring Program. That's why I am making it an absolutely no-brainer offer for you today.

It's now up to you . . .

I've done everything I can to ignite your speaker passions so that you can stop trading your time for money, create huge profits from multiple streams of income through speaking . . . and give you the ultimate lifestyle and freedom that you desire.

When you want to fan the flames of success, then you owe it to yourself to become a member of my Silver Mentoring Program right now, while it's fresh in your mind.

Today only - $97

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"Dedicated to show you how to speak and grow rich!"


Dr. Joanna Martin

PS. The pure nuggets of gold which are ready for you to mine from within the membership area of the Silver Mentoring Program are 'laying out in the open' . . . just waiting for you to scoop them up and show you exactly why speaking is one of the fastest way to build your wealth, business and brand.

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